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About Me

The closest I've been to space is 17,700ft in Nepal. Photo by Steve Kocsis.

A few things about me

  • I am a volunteer with the Marie Drake Planetarium and act as the webmaster.
  • I have a collection of Marie Drake Planetarium photos on my Flickr site.
  • I am also the President of the Friends of the Marie Drake Planetarium, a 501(c)(3).

Logo created by Jesse Peterson when he was in high school in Juneau.
Our motto:  Where the Stars always shine in Juneau, Alaska

Alaska Humor

I have lived in Juneau, the capitol of Alaska for 19 years. It is accessible only by plane or by sea.
I have a pinterest site of Alaska humor:

How I Find Humorous Material?

  • I make my best effort to find out the source of humor I have on my website and e-book and get permission if appropriate. 
  • Some material is my own. I write humor and take photos. I use photoshop for some images - for example to add text.
  • Some images are under a Creative Commons License with commercial use allowed.
  •  Click here to learn more about this great worldwide licensing program works.
  • Click here to find Creative Commons Licensed images.
  • I've spend over $400 for images I purchase from. and
  • I purchased some cartoons from
  • Some material is in the public domain e.g. NASA images.
  • My pet peeve is websites and blogs that use other people's work without credit or permission.
  • This is disrespectful to the author and frustrating for readers who find something of interest and would like to know who wrote or created it.  
  • When I write for permission to use people's work I get a about a 90% response rate and about 80% of these people give me permission. 
  • When I wrote my e-books, I gave some contributors a free copy of the book.


I give free Astronomy Humor powerpoint presentations.

Moon: Facts and Follies
Learn about the Moon and enjoy Moon humor in this presentation that combines science and silliness. My husband joins me on this topic as "Dr. Science".

Astronaut Humor 
Learn the qualities astronauts need e.g. social skills, education and looking good in a space suit. How many do you have?

Solar Eclipse Humor
I have been to four total solar eclipses.

Earth Day Humor
Covers the history of Earth Day and how humor used to promote the Day and environmentally sound practices.

Art of the Aurora
Art inspired by and representing the northern lights.

Email and Earth Symbols Background

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My Favorite Humanoid

I'm married to Steve Kocsis, who is also a volunteer with the Marie Drake Planetarium. Steve is shown with Gort at the Science Fiction Museum in Seattle.

He teaches astronomy at the University of Alaska Southeast.

Like me, he is a volunteer and board member with the Marie Drake Planetarium. He gives free presentations on subjects such as 'The Big Bang', 'Black Holes', 'Total Solar Eclipses' and 'Life Without the Moon'. He has been to seven total solar eclipses.

Thanks Steve for your computer support for my website and e-books.

Mendenhall Glacier Bed and Breakfasat

My husband and I run a budget Bed and Breakfast in Juneau, Alaska through airbnd.  A home away from home 1.1 miles from glacier.

My British Heritage

I was born in London and raised in England. Although, I'm not a US citizen, I'm proud of my British heritage. Photo by Steve in Juneau, Alaska.

Social Media

I have a travel blog - 100 Days of La Dolce Vita about my travels in Italy. My father was Italian and it is my favorite place to visit.

I have photos on My photos (except the astronomy humor ones) are under a Creative Commons License for others to use as they like.

My Flickr ID is Alaskan Woman.

I'm on Facebook:  Cristina Della Rosa

My Favorite Humor Publication

Thanks to Contributors to my Website and e-Books

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