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Alien Humor

Nick Kim has many alien cartoons.
Here is a link to one called First Contact. His website is called Nearing Zero.

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Photo outside gift store in White City, NM

Alien Heads

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No longer available on this website

Alien Spacesuit 

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Alien Professor Giving a Lecture

by Fritz Ahlefeldt ( He has many environmental drawings. I love his work

Amazing Aliens

  • Simpsons Alien Kiss
  • Top 100 Alien Movies video on You Tube.
  • Aliens seize Tom Cruise's brain - 2005 article
  • Runaway bride-to-be abducted by aliens (2005)

I wonder if this is how Aliens view us.

Park logo in California. Photo by Cristina
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Image no longer available on website
Area 51 
 © Robo123

Proof Martians Exist

Green Alien
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No longer available on that site.
Lots of Aliens 3
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Love Alien
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  • Click here for images of Martians you can download.

  • Smallgrey:  A comic stip that takes place on Cydonia, Mars.

  • Here is a link to over 1,000 cartoons about aliens on cartoon stock website.

Amazing Aliens

Cartoon Alien and Baby

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My Favorite Aliens

Mr. Bean is my favorite alien. However, according to Wikipedia, it is unclear if he is an extra-terrestial.

Click here for article with references suggesting he an alien.

My second favorite alien is Dr. Who and I have a page on Dr. Who and TARDIS humor.

Demented Denizens Aliens

Cosmic Space Sign Alien Toilet
Source  free photos for infinite ambitions ...
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Brian Zaikowski has lots of alien cartoons on his Demented Denizens website.

Fun Products

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The Evolution Of Alien Skin For Laptop
The Evolution Of Alien Skin For Laptop by JJJunction
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10 Questions to Ask An Alien

Occasionally, I get a letter from someone who is in 'contact' with aliens. I am invited to ask them anything. And over the year's I've prepared a little list of questions. The aliens are very advanced remember. So I ask things like, 'Please provide a short proof of Fermat's Last Theorem'. I write out the simple theorem equation with the exponents. It's a simulating exercise to think of questions to which no human today knows the answers, but where a correct answer would be recognized as such. It's even more challenging to formulate such questions in fields other than mathematics. Perhaps we should hold a contest and collect the best responses in '10 Questions to Ask an Alien'.

- Carl Sagan, "The Demon Haunted World", p.95

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