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Astronaut Humor

How did the unemployed astronaut panhandle  for money?

He made a sign "Will do Moonwalk for money."

What kind of nuts do they serve on space tourism flights?


Astronaut Quotes

I remember growing up thinking that astronauts and their job was the coolest thing you could possibly do... But I absolutely couldn't identify with the people who were astronauts. I thought they were movie stars.

~ David M. Brown, Space Shuttle Astronaut

If offered a seat on a rocket ship, don't ask what seat. Just get on.

~ Christa McAuliffe, Teacher and Challenger Astronaut

The thing I'll remember most about the flight is that it was fun. In fact, I'm sure it was the most fun that I'll ever have in my life.

~ Sally K. Ride, First Woman to Orbit Earth on the Space Shuttle

The Lonely Astronaut

The lonely astronaut is a recurrent theme in science-fiction. Scott Listfield uses it in his art.

To the right is my my favorite painting of his - Get There with HAL

2008 painting used with permission.

His website is

Astronaut Antics

Photo by Ian Parkes (Flickr ID:  Parksk1964) 

Creative Commons License

Astronaut in The Space Ship
© Aleksey Mykhaylichenko |
I have a page of RoodieDoodie Astronaut Cartoons

Products with this design available from Cafe Press.

Brewster Rocket Space Guy by Tim Rickard

There are three glaciers in Antartica called Astronaut, Aviator and Aeronaut.

Click here for Astronaut products from NeatoShop.

Neatorama is the related blog and is "consistently ranked as one of the top blogs in the world. We cover a wide range of topics, including technology, science, art and the weird and wonderful things we found on the Web." 

Articles from The Onion

There are over 50 stories about astronauts on the Onion's website. Just type astronaut in search box.

Here are some titles.

  • Glenn's Return To Space (1998)
  • Sherpa Who Led Neil Armstrong To Moon Dead At 71 (2009)
  • Astronauts Suffer Agonizing, High-Pitched Death after Helium Leak- video.


Why are astronauts astronuts?

They have to be health nuts in order to stay in shape for the vigorous physical training they do to go into space and to be ready for space missions.

Also they need a good sense of humor to get a long with a wide variety of people and to cope with being in space is a small rocket of station with other people.

Astronuts is another Flickr group.
My favorite on that site is Astronaut Sponge Bob.
 2011 artwork by Isabella for presentation I gave at the Marie Drake Planetarium in Juneau, Alaska

Astronaut Videos

  • Do The Cosmonauty Dance Video
  • Adventures of a Lonely Astronaut
  • Lighter side of Space Flight by Astronaut Mike Mullane.  It is on his You Tube Channel.
  • Find out what happens to astronauts who don't get enough oxygen (source:  primatebonz)

Astronaut Fun

Astronut Brown Ale- "For those of us who gravitate toward the nuttier side, this English Style Brown Ale is for us. A hint of malty richness and warm, nutty undertones are sure to send us lunatics straight to the moon and back!"
Quote from Rocket Republic Brewing Company website.


Photo shows autograph of Loren Shriver, Commander of the STS-46 Mission.  Learn more about this Space Shuttle mission on NASA's website. Photo by Stephane (Flickr ID: famille.sebile) who has a website - Space Quotes (Souvenirs d'espace).


Crazy Astronauts

Spoof Astronaut Stories from the spoof website

Buzz and JFK - A fun poster by Romero Britto

Frank the Astronaut - Cleaning up the world one swear word at a time.

Crazy Astronauts is the name of a group on Flickr - it has over 1,300 images.

Here is a photo of a Balloon Astronaut.

One of the 12 men who have landed on the moon joked "seen one earth, you've see them all." 

Man in Space!

This is a Flickr site with over 340 images by James Vaughn (Flickr ID: x-ray delta one)

Shot Glass - Astronaut Love 

This square etched glass available from BreadandBadger Etsy shop. They sell etched pint glasses and more.

They also have a website:

  •  Hall of Humor welcomes astronauts home - See article from Collect Space website.
ancient aliens tee shirts
ancient aliens tee shirts by SimonwDesigns
Check out more 'ancient' T-Shirts at Zazzle

You and I share a quality needed by astronauts.

Part of an exhibit on space at the The Air and Space Museum in San Diego.

Astronaut Antics

 Astronaut Pop Up Card available from CookieBits shop on Etsy.  The card has a handsome astronaut holding his heart, a star, a flower, or a festive flag

Astronaut Humor Photos

Astronaut's Head Upgraded During Spacewalk - NASA photo

Visit my galleries of Astronaut Humor on Flickr:  Gallery One and Gallery Two and Gallery Three

Humpty-Dumpty was an Astronaut in this cartoon by Mark Heath.   

Here is a collection of astronaut t-shirts from Threadless Tees Shop.

Space Tea Party photo


Enjoy more astronaut humor in my two e-books: 
Astronomy, Astronaut and Alien Humor.

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