Astronomy, Astronaut & Alien Humor 

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Out of this World Cartoonists

Star Man: A Visual Look at the Visible Sky by Jake Ryan

Astronomy Cartoons by Sidney Harris

Space Cartoons by Vlad Kolarov

Physics and Astronomy online recommends Rick London as do I.


Cartoon by Randall Munroe

His website: He also has web store.
Creative Commons License

Nick Kim's work includes Astronomy, Alien, Dr. Who and Science cartoons. His website is Nearing Zero

Space and Alien Cartoons by Australian Mark Godfrey on him smug mug page. 

Chris Madden' s work includes Moon, Outer Space and Science Cartoons. He is British.

I enjoy the political cartoons of Cameron Cardow who publishes in The Ottawa Citizen.
Here are some astronomy ones. Monolith  (2001 reference) and Alien cartoons (2011 debate)


T. McCracken has a collection of NASA cartoons and Space and Astronomy cartoons
She also has cartoons on the history of science, gravity and other sciences.

Cartoon Collections

  • Andy Reynolds' Astronomy Cartoons
  • Remy Bond Fly Me to the Moon Artistic Project
  • CSL Cartoon Stock - Astronomy Humor. Go to website. Type in astronomy as keyword (next to search images)
  • Toon Pool. This site has cartoonists from around the world. I've gathered some of my favorite astronomy related cartoons.
  • Space cartoons from The London Time Offbeat Cartoons - mostly aliens and Star Wars
  • Cartoon gallery Drunk in Space - compiled by The Orange County Register
  • Space Cartoons by Benita Epstein
  • Space Cartoons by Roodie Doodie
  • Cartoons and Sketches By Les Lamb (1913-2011). They are on Orwell Astronomical Society website.
  • Brian Zaikowski is the creator of Demented Denizens cartoons. He has alien cartoons and lots more.

'Off the Mark' Astronomy Cartoons

Check out Mark Parisi's website. He also has Martian, space travel and science cartoons.

My Favorite Cartoonists

  • Gary Larson, creator of The Far Side. He doesn't have much astronomy humor, but does have of science and alien humor. I love his take on animals:  what we think of them and they think of us.
  • Dan Piraro, creator of Bizarro cartoons is my favorite cartoonist, but he rarely has astronomy humor.

How to Draw Funny Cartoons

Jeffrey Koterba

  • His cartoons often have an outer space theme. Click here to read an article from The Silicon Prairie News about him.
  • Visit his toons page for more space cartoons. 
  • A great dog is space and Space Shuttle cartoon.
  • Click here to read his article about the "Space Race" between two dogs.

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