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Child Astronaut Humor

What happens if you lose a tooth in space?

How does the tooth fairy get on the Shuttle?

What might the tooth fairy bring you?

These questions posed by Flickr ID:  woodleywonderwork,

the creator of the photo below.

Click here to enjoy the International Space Baby.

I have a Child Astronauts gallery on Flickr.   

I also have a gallery of Infant Astronauts.

Girl in space helmet

Illustration by Rachel Corcoran.

Used with permission. View more of her work on her blog.

Click here for another of her illustrations of a woman with tattoos who want to go to space. It is called 'Outer Space Alien Poster'.

Child Astronaut Fun

What do you call a three year old astronaut?

An astro-tot

Microsoft clip art


I Want to Go to Space

Children Wall Decal - Outer Space Theme

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Astro Tot

© Bigredlynx |

Boy Dreaming of Space Flight
 © Alexey Bannykh  |
Art Explosion
More child astronaut humor in my three e-books.
Click here to learn more.
Seamless Cartoon Space Pattern
 © Notkoo2008 |

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