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What do the Daleks say each morning.

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I was born in London and raised in England. I loved the original Dr. Who series and found the Daleks scary.

The new series deservedly has a wide following. It is much more technically proficient that original series but keeps the same tone as the original series. Check it out on public television and Netflix.

My favorite Doctor in the new series is David Tennant who played the tenth doctor, Like many British TV actors, he has also performed well in Shakespearean roles. 

2013 is the 50th anniversary, so follow my Pinterest board. Click here for article about the BBC 5oth anniversary episode.

Set of Dr. Who cakes on Flickr.

Doctor Who group on Flickr

Dalek on the Pull (2008)
Tom Baker played the 4th Dr. W
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Doctor Who TARDIS - Botticelli Birth of Venus Parody


Doctor Who TARDIS - Grant Wood American Gothic Parody


 Doctor Who Dalek - Vincent van Gogh Bedroom in Arles Parody

Tardis Fun

License Plate

Photo by Scott (Flickr ID: skpy)

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