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Wendy Gold turns vintage globes into art.  These globes are decoupaged by hand with recycled materials. Globes can be ordered pre-made or customized. Her website is


 Earth Plush Toy

Made by Celestial Buddies - check out their fun website and blog

Awesome Earth

Planet Earth
© Icefields |
Globe Man
Open Clip Art (johnny_automatic)
Our Sweet Earth
© (no longer available)
Sitting on Top of the World

Free image © Dana Rothstein |

Earth Fun

The Other Side of Earth

Open Clip Art Library (stevepetmonkey)

Apple Earth by JD Hancock

(Flickr ID JD Hancock)

  • Meteor Destroys Earth
  • How to Destroy Earth with a coffee can.
  • Upside Down Earth 
  • Earth tastes good to aliens -  by Danilo Kato
  • I love Earth - my caption for a drawing by D B Schell
  • Like Atlas, you may have felt the weight of the earth on your shoulders. See what that looks like here.
  • The Earth without Art is just EH.
Green Planet
© Bobbyramone|

I have more Earth humor in my Astronomy, Astronaut and Alien humor e-books. Click here to learn more.

Girl With World Map 

© Photosaurus |

Earth is My Favorite Planet

By the Chevron Station on 45th in Wallingford.

Photo by Si Otterman (Flickr ID:  monohez)

Merry Christmas World


Earth - the Sweetest Flower in Space 

Free image © Photosaurus |

World heart
© Photographer: Alain Lacroix | Agency:

Big Green Planet
© Gvito |

When a Billion Chinese Jump

This is the title of a 2011 book by Jonathan Watts. As a young child, he believed if everyone in China jumped at the same time, the earth would be shaken off its axis, annihilating mankind. The subtitle of the book is 'How China will Save mankind or Destroy It.' Mr. Watts is the Asia environmental correspondent for 'The Guardian'. Click here for a link to his blog.

Unusual Views of Earth

Planet Earth Marble
By Ralph Orona (Flickr ID:  Face-2-Face)
Creative Commons License

©  Aboikis69 |

Fun Earth Products

If you have always wanted to blow up earth, here is what you need. 
Earth Globe Christmas Tree Ornament

Earth Globe Christmas Tree Ornament

This gorgeous Earth globe ornament just goes to show you how beautiful the planet we live on really is. It's just 2 1/2" in diameter, but the level of detail is both amazing and wonderfully rendered. All the continents and over fifty rivers are visible. This is a wonderful gift, but you'd better plan on buying two, because once you see it you'll want one for yourself.

Planet Earth humor cartoons on Toon Pool a great website of international cartoonists.

Visit my planet Earth humor photo gallery on Flickr.

Green is the new pink.

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