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Astronomy, Astronaut & Alien Humor 

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Earth Day Humor


Saving the planet one joke at a time. Clean cartoons on energy and environmental issues.

Click here for Earth Day Videos from the the Huffington Post (2009)

Global warming cartoon collection on Toon Pool. This is a great website of international cartoons.

Planet Earth - No Vacancies

Bumper Sticker with this slogan available from Cafe Press.

I think humor can be a powerful tool to promote taking care of the earth.

Earth Egg -This is your Earth on global warming.

Photo by Mark Rain (Flickr ID AZRainman) Website:  http://www.azrainman.com/  

Earth Should be Saved
© Photosaurus  | Dreamstime.com
Protect the Earth
© Nruboc | Dreamstime.com
Burning Earth Globe
© Mahesh14 | Dreamstime.com
Earth needs you and so does our galaxy
NASA pubic domain Milky Way image with my text.
This was the original name I gave to my humor e-books. I now call them 'Astronomy, Astronaut and Alien Humor'.
Click here to learn more.
Using up the World Resources
© Paul Fleet | Dreamstime.com
S.O.S.Signal for Planet Earth
© Iqoncept | Dreamstime.com

Fate of the Earth is in Our Hands

Earth in Hand
© Chrisharvey | Dreamstime.com
No longer sold on that website
Skeleton Hand and the Earth
© Chrisharvey | Dreamstime.com

Every Day is Earth Day

Reflective Love 3D Planet Globe Earth
© Charon | Dreamstime.com

You can buy lots more Earth Day images from Dreamtime.com
Time to Love
© Nemeziyaa | Dreamstime.com  
Bumper sticker - photo by Cristina
Green Earth
© Wolfgang Kraus | Dreamstime.com

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