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Apollo 11 astronauts had to fill in a U.S. Customs and Immigration forms when they returned from the Moon. Visit Geek System website to find out.

My e-books have many other strange but true facts.

Moon Landing Hoaxes

The Great Moon Hoax of 1835 - from Hoaxipedia
Below is a cartoon with the title YouTube' by Randall Munroe (Creative Commons License)
His website is
He also sells a wonderful poster:  Height - to the Top of the Observable Universe


Rumors - Rumor Has It

  • This website researches rumors urban legends etc. to determine if they are true or false. 
  • Are US citizens prohibited from contact with aliens?
  • Did NASA spend millions developing a space pen?
  • Did Neil Armstrong say "Good Luck Mr. Gorsky" when he stepped on the Moon?
  • Native Americans provide NASA with a cryptic message to take to the Moon.
  • NASA scientists discover a missing day in time.
  • Photo taken by Hubble Telescope shows a Nebula dubbed  'The Eye of God'
  • Commoonian. Buzz Aldrin describes taking Communion on the Moon.

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