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Mars Humor

Mars Plush Toy

Made by Celestial Buddies - check out their fun website and blog

Mars Madness

Light Saber Found on Mars - as reported in Cosmic Chronicle


Mars Probe makes shocking discovery as reported in The Humor Gazette.

Click here to learn more about Wal-Mart being discovered on Mars, as reported in The Humor Gazette

'Santa Claus vs. the Martians' is a 1964 movie about aliens attacking the North Pole. It was also made into a play. I have lots more fun movie titles and plots in my three kindle books. Astronomy, Astronaut and Alien Humor, Volume 1, 2 and 3. Click on link below to learn more.

Water on Mars

Source:  Wikimedia Commons

Click here for a similar Water on Mars photo.

Articles from The Onion

  • Mars Rover beginning to Hate Mars (2006)
  • Mean scientists dash hopes of life on Mars (2003)
  • Mars Probe Destroyed By Orbiting Spielberg-Gates Space Palace (1997)
  • Bush Still Working On Manned Mission To Mars Quietly In Spare Time (2010)
  • Coke-sponsored Rover finds evidence of Dasani on Mars (2004)
  • Bush acquired by Martian zoo (2005)
Astronaut landing on Mars meets Brittany Spears singing 'Oops! I did it Again.'

Mars Merriment

Imagine Mars Project Student video.

Face on Mars

Cropped NASA image in the public domain.

The "Face" on Mars was an an aerial photograph of the Cydonia region of Mars on a butte. Photo was taken by Viking in 1976. In nature, these type of illusions are common.

See Wikipedia for more information.


Cartoon by Randall Munroe (Creative Commons License). His website is

He also sells a wonderful poster:  Height - to the Top of the Observable Universe 


Mars Attacks Retro Image
© Sahua |
Here is a photo of a 'Flight to Mars' ride in Seattle.

Nikki Bass has a Mars TV comic strip and video. Here is an example.

I knew that the Moon was made of cheese. However, I just learned that Mars is also made of cheese. There is a real business called Mars Cheese Castle. Their motto is "a gift from Mars is always in good taste." Click here for their website.

Click here for a cartoon showing what would happen if Starbucks opened a coffee shop on Mars.

Why are Martians and aliens in general green?

The first reference to green Martian was in 1908, according to Wikipedia. Also, according to Wikipedia, "Edgar Rice Burroughs referred to the "green men of Mars" and "green Martian women" in his first 1912 science fiction novel A Princess of Mars."  Click here to read full little green men article.
Green Person Watching Earth
© Iva Zdravkovic |
© Antonsav |

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