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Moon Humor

Paper Moon
Photo by Nelson Pavlosky.
Flickr ID:  skyfaller. Creative Commons License.

Moon Plush Toy

Made by Celestial Buddies - check out their fun website and blog
They also have the Sun and several other planets.

Moon Mirth

A fun street sign by Virgin Galactic

Here is a collection of moon t-shirts form Threadless Tees Shop.

Moon and stars cupcakes photo.

I have two galleries of Moon humor on Flickr:  Moon Humor One and Moon Humor Two

First Moon Flights Club

In 1969, following the success of the Apollo missions, Pan Am airlines began taking ticket reservations for a shuttle to the moon. Over 90,000 reservations were accepted.

In a New York Times Article (Dec. 27, 2010) Exploring Our Relationship with the Lonely Moon, there is  A Cultural History of the Moon slideshow. It includes a picture of the First Moon Flights Club Card. Click here for full article and slide show. 

The craziest things people have proposed putting on the moon.

2012 article in Wired magazine by Adam Mann.

If Man Walked on the Moon Today Media parody

Stand-up Comedy - "Moon Landing" video  by Pete Kern 

Playing with the Moon - a wonderful collection of photos

2009 cartoon by Cameron Cardow of the Ottowa Citizen. Second cartoon related to the lacross

Moon Rocks

Jumbo Moon Rocks available from WytcheHazel Etsy shop

Moon Songs

Ella Fitzgerald singing Paper Moon

Video of Doris Day singing 'Fly Me to the Moon'  with photos of Doris and Rock Hudson.

Moon:  a Brief History

Not a humor book, but I love the front cover so I'm including it her.

Written by Bernd Brunner and published by Yale Press in 2010.

Moon Madness

Creative Commons License. Flickr ID:  playerx

The Pean

"... the European Union, in a last-ditch effort to avoid an economic meltdown, announce that they are replacing the 'euro' with a new unit of currency, the 'pean,' the exchange rate for which will be linked to the phases of the moon."

~ Dave Barry's 2011 Year in Review, published in The Funny Times, February, 2012 

When the Moon Breaks Down

by Robbert van der Steeg in 2010. He currently lives in Nairobi, Kenya. His Flickr ID:  Robbert Van der Steeg. He also has a website. Used with permission.

© Chrisharvey | 
Where does the Moon sleep?
Hotel in China. Photo by Cristina 

McDonalds on the Moon

Freemont - Seattle. Artist unknown

Photo by Cristina

Moon Merriment

  • Moon Cartoons on toonpool website
  • Company Looks to Etch Advertising on the Moon. Learn more at:
  • Moon Landing and Carl Sagan cartoons by Rich London
  • Lego version of Moon landing by Ryan
  • Oil discovered on the Moon - as reported in The Humor Gazette.
  • Moon cartoons on Toon Pool
  • Jerry Brown was nicknamed "Governor Moonbeam" in 1976 by Mike Royko, a Chicago columnist.
  • Puddles on the Moon cartoon by Jeff Koterba
  • Man of Many Moons: a creation by A. Matheny (Flickr ID:   King Woodrose)
  • Find out why the Moon hates the beach. Click here to view cartoon by Mark Heath.

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