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Astronomy, Astronaut & Alien Humor 

Billions of  Smiles

The Moon is Made of Cheese Humor

  • Hubble Resolves Expiration Date For Green Cheese Moon 
  • These mice are sure the moon is made of cheese. Drawing by Flickr ID: tusen
  • In this cartoon the moon is being eaten. Cartoon by Paul Gude (Flickr ID:  sgnp)
  • In this drawing a giraffe is eating the moon. Flickr ID: thamwaihon)
  • Drawing of Space Mouse by Peter Slight
  • Wonderful drawing by Martina Schreiner (Flickr ID:  mar)
  • Kraft Buys the Moon photo by Marc Horowitz (Flickr ID:  marchorowitz)   
  • Moon Dust Cheese for sale at Trader Joe's. Illustration by Yelena Keyzman (Flickr ID:  Yelen315), an artist who works for Trader Joe's. 
  • The Moon is Made of a Banana - not cheese. Illustration by Flickr ID:  FruityCuties
  • Drawing by Yair Katz (Flickr ID:  katzyair)


Cat and Mouse
by Nem4a - Dreamstime.com
Night Scene Background
© Andreapetrlik | Dreamstime.com

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Cheese Chuckles

  • Moon Melt drawing by Shane Gorske (Flickr ID:  SPNarwhal)
  • I am the Moon or Cheese Fairy. Illustration by Susan (Flickr ID:  V_skafandre).

Why does the dog on the moon bark?
He does not like cheese. One Small Bark for a Dog - drawing by Goran Patlejch (Flickr ID:  geonetix). Print available from his etsy store.

How does the mouse get to the cheese moon?
See Starry Night oil painting by Fred Einaudi (Flickr ID: feinaudi) to find out.

Green Cheese

For centuries, people thought the moon was made of green cheese. Then the astronauts found that the moon is really a big hard rock. Hey, that's what happens to cheese when you leave it out.

Origin of the green cheese myth - from The Straight Scoop.

Photo by Robert Insall (Flickr ID:  dictybloke) proves the moon is made of green cheese.

Mouse in Space

Julian Ray has made 50 presets of sounds you can use to create your commercial and non-commercial musical works. Click here for a sample.

He has some great "space" electronic music and imagery on his website. His videos include: 'A Journey to the Milky Way' and 'What can be more mysterious than the Moon?'

He also has a blog 'Listening to the Universe' where there are more videos e.g. 'Pleiades'.