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Moon Products

McDonalds has a 'Mac Tonight' campaign starting in 1986. Click here for article on Wikipedia.

Even the New York times wrote about the campaign. Click here for article.

I must admit going to McDonalds occasionally, but not at night. I go when it gets very hot in Juneau and have a diet coke with a vanilla ice cream cone to make a diet coke float.

Mac Tonight Animatronic

2006 photo at a McDonald's in Greenfield, Wisconsin.

Creative Commons License

Flickr ID:  AdamL212

Moon Head is really Mac Tonight

2007 photo at Stanford Shopping Center McDonalds

Creative Commons License

Flickr ID:  gagetdude

  • Click here for a fun coffee log.
  • Photo of drive through sign by Brandon (Flickr ID: Waffle Whiffer) 
  • Indigo Moon is a holistic cat food.
  • Silvery Moon Creamery has fun logo.
  • Midnight Moon cheese by Cypress Grove Creamline.
  • Over the Moon Milk.  A real company with a website.
  • Half Moon Empanadas is a restaurant - name references the shape of the food. Click here for their facebook page.
  • Midnight Moon is the brand name for handmade moonshine. Click here for website. 
Neon Sign With Moon
Neon Sign With Moon
Neon Sign With Moon [Read More]
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Blue Moon Humor

  • Blue Moon is an Oregon Riesling sold by Bridgeview.
  • Blue Moon is the name of a company that makes blueberry products.
  • There is an ice cream flavor Blue Moon which is made mostly in Upper Midwest and contains bright blue food coloring.
photo by Bill McChesney  Flickr ID:  bsabarnowl
Creative Commons License
Blue Moon #985
Flickr ID:  Regan 76 Creative Commons License

Blue Moon Brewing Company sells beer

Photo by James Deville (Flickr ID: parcelbrat)
Creative Commons License
The Blue Moon Tavern in Seattle

Flickr ID:  brewbooks - Creative Commons License

Blue Moon Beer Sign

Flickr ID:  RiverRatt3  - Creative Commons License

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