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Odds and Ends

  • Weed in Space. You heard it first here. Click here for a fun tumblr blog.
  • How to Destroy the Earth with a Coffee Can. It requires use of vacuum energy
  • Canadian Space Mission - as reported in the Freaking News
  • A Call for More Scientific Truth in Product Warning Labels.
The Allentown School District Planetarium (in Pennsylvania) has space quizzes.  Here is a list of the fun titles of teams.

Astronaut Food

Astronaut Ice Cream
Here' what happens if the astronaut becomes the food.

Houston, we have a problem

Photo from futurist movies website. This is a good place to read about movies with "explicit depictions of the future" and/or depictions of significant events that have yet to occur."

Photo put on Flickr by Flickr ID:

Creative Commons License

Astro-themed foods: Liz and Bill's Cosmic Adventures. Click on video below.
There are nine other episodes in this video series on Astronomy Magazine's website.
Astro Beer.  Click here to view an astronaut having a well deserved break with a bottled beer on the moon. Photo by Flickr ID: RoadTripper33.

Food in Space Photos. Click here for a fun tumbler blog.
Space Sticks we sold to general public circa 1970. I was a child then and though they were fun. I don't know people would still want to get them.

Here is a website that sells them and shares the history of space sticks including some vintage TV commercials.

Sundial Silliness

I enjoy sundials as astronomical instruments and as works of art.

Here is an unusual human sundial:  Photo 1 by (Flickr ID: HCA pics) 

A yew hedge sundial in England (Flickr ID: Fizikal Rex).

by Lee Bolgatz (Flickr ID:  shaymus22)
Creative Commons License
What do you do if you can't read the time on a sundial?
Ask the sundial to move.

 Microsoft clip art


Sun Song by AstroCappella and The Chromatics.  This is a NASA video

"AstroCappella is a marriage of astronomy and music, developed by astronomers and educators and professionally recorded by the rocking a cappella group The Chromatics."  Click here to go to AstroCappella website.

As Reported in The Freaking News

Science Humor

Brian Malow - Earth's Premier Science Comedian. Check him out. He's available for off-world appearances, if transportation is provided.

Jokes and Science by Julian Trubin.

Physicist Humorist - Norm Goldblatt

Science Humor Netring
This website joins web sites with humor about science and scientists.

Click here for the website of scientist turned Comedian Tim Lee.  

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