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Products with Astronomical Names

I also have a page on Moon related products.

You can eat Mars bars, Milky Way bars and Galaxy chocolate.

Milky Way Ice Cream - Canadian company

Comet cleanser

Venus razors

Nebula fitness equipment

Pulsar watches and Quasar televisions

Galaxy carpets (with a spiral galaxy as a logo)

Aurora Boreal Nail Polish - click here for photo.

Cosmic FX - six shades of nail polish from Orly

  • Space Cadet
  • Lunar Eclipse
  • Out of This World
  • Halley's Comet
  • It's Not Rocket Science
  • Galaxy Girl

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The Reason the Sun is always always depicted as happy

Restaurant in Pacific Beach, California. Photo by Cristina

Products with Astronaut in their Name

  • Record label called Lonely Astronaut
  • There is a rock band called The Astronauts
  • There is a band from Ireland called God is a Astronaut
  • Nice Astronaut is a longform improv comedy group from Texas . They have a Facebook page.
  • Here is one of their advertising posters.

Space Center Houston - America's Gateway to the Universe

Space Center Houston is the Official Visitors Center of NASA's Johnson Space Center.

Houston, Texas is sometimes called Space City, USA

There are various eating options at the Space Center Houston including:

  • Moon Wok
  • Blast-Off Bistro
  • Zero G Diner
  • South of the Martian Border
  • Solar Salads
  • Launch Foods

The Center also has a gift store called 'Space Trader'

Photo by JD Hancock (Flickr ID: same)
Creative Commons License

Best in Universe

When advertising wants to say something is the best of its kind in any country, they may say it it the best "X" in the world. They may go further and say it is the best "X" in the Universe.

For example, Ocean Foods in Sydney uses the byline is "The best Fish 'n' Chips in the Universe."

Another example:  there are both 'Miss World' and 'Miss Universe' contests.

Click here for Miss Universe cartoon by Sara Zimmerman.

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