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Space Shuttle Composite Pictures

77 Pictures - Kindle e-book.  Here are two of the photos in his book. Used with permission. He also has a site on Flickr.

Space Shuttle Discovery flies over an iceberg

This tickled my fancy since I live two miles from the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, Alaska.

Taking a Break
Astronauts take a break after repairing Hubble space telescope

The creator of the t-shirt above found her Spirit sitting on the wooden toddler toy in her bedroom.

Space Shuttle - The End

  • A 2011 political cartoon by Celestial Insanity on her Deviant Art website.
  • Remember the Shuttle
  • Commemorative Space Shuttle Cartoon by Brian Basset (April, 2011). Brian's Red and Rover cartoons follow the adventures of a boy Red and his dog Rover who dream of going to space. 
  • Ground Control to Major Joel - Article by Time columnist Joel Stein - August 8, 2011

Articles from the Onion

  • Space Shuttle Delay (2005)
  • NASA chief under fire for personal shuttle use (2005)
  • China leaks preemptive apology for shooting down the Space Shuttle (2009)
  • NASA baffled by failure of straw shuttle (2008
  • NASA shuttle bus delay (2005)
  • NASA announces future shuttle launches will be sudden and without warning (2005)
  • NASA intern hoping to go on space walk (2008)
  • Annoying sticker insists on every detail of Space Mission being exactly right (2009)
  • NASA and NASCAR merge (1996

Space Shuttle April 1st Stories

  • Bush cancels Space Shuttle program. 2005 article on spacedaily website.
  • Space Shuttle Discovery Lands at Montgomery Field, San Diego in 1993.

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