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Space is big
Space is Dark
It's hard to find
A place to park.

Source:  Sidney Harris (American Scientist magazine, 1975)

Sign at a Parking Lot

Leave keys when parking in outer space.

Bizarre sounds from outer space.

Article from humor website.


Spitzer Space Telescope's View of Galaxy Messier 101.
My creation using a 2009 NASA image in the public domain.
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Space and Astronomy Business Cards

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Obama President of Space

Find out why we need Obama to be President of Space on this video.

Here are two more reasons:

  • He is already the leader of the free world.
  • Maybe he'll put more money into NASA's budget.

Here is an image of Obama for President of Space. I don't know who originally created it.

What is space and what does it look like?

Simplistic answer: Everything above the top of Earth's atmosphere.
Generally space is considered anything about 100 km or 62 miles.

My answer:  Space is where they can no longer hear you scream. You can't be heard screaming because there is no air in space and sound waves can't travel through a vacuum.
by Jack Wolf - Flickr ID:  wolfpix
Creative Commons License
Vortex Screams
by Joes Ormsby - Flickr ID: Joelstuff V4
Creative Commons License
Where is space?
Out of this world.
© Laura Domenica Cantisani | (no longer available)

Space Signs

 Abstract Space Inscription

© Olena Chyrko | (no longer available)

Space Word Cloud

© Ruslan Gilmanshin |

My photo taken at a museum
Space Text
© Mrphoto | (no longer available)

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