Astronomy, Astronaut & Alien Humor 

Billions of  Smiles

Spaceship and Rocket Humor

Mr. J. Taylor is one of my favorite photoshop artists on Flickr. He covers spaceships and lots more.

Art by lexiflexdesign

Colorful spaceship. 

Indoor playground in Britain.

Jungle Gym Spaceship 

Office space ship prank video

I have two space ship photo galleries on Flickr:  Space Ship Humor One and Two.

"A Rocket a Day Keeps the High Costs Away"

John Walker's 1993 classic 'modest' proposal' to reduce launch costs.  

Learn more from article in Encyclopedia Astronautica. 

NASA names space module for moon base ...not Stephen Colbert. See article from collect space website.

Spaceships Silliness

Freaking News Articles

Space Mission

Space Exploration 


Dream Rocket Project

Check out this collection of fiber art

Flickr ID:  dbking

Creative Commons License

Spaceship Fun


To The Moon

Digitally designed 11x17 print by HotArtCityDesigns available on their Etsy shop.

It is a Bumpy Ride, so you need a Pillow

Logo for blog by Pillownaut Heather Archuletta ( Used with permission.

Service in Space


A visual announcement for an internal staff breakfast meeting by Michael Thorner

(Flickr ID MichaelThorner)

He is a professional illustrator. His website:



Store in Ashland, Oregon.
Photo by Cristina 

Cartoon Rocket 

Source:  Open Clip Art (Kliponius)
Share from my website if you like.

Rockets Red Glare

Approx. 14" wide x 17" tall. Served approx. 40. Photo by Don Buciak  (Flickr ID:donbuciak)  - Creative Commons License

Seattle Center photo by Cristina.
Spaceship and the Astronaut
© Irina Soboleva |
Alien Starts a Spaceship
© Wardogs Wardogs |

© Kristina Afanasyeva |

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