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Design Planet Laboratory

Company sells a fun set of planet designs (on t-shirts and other products) showing planets as tourist destinations. Slogans include:  'See Saturn - The Galaxy's Foremost Ringed Resort'. Available from Cafe Press.

Human Naked Foot on Moon's Surface

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Astronaut Standing on a Suitcase

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Astronaut Sunbathing

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If you get bored looking at Earth and all that empty space, you can always sunbathe.

Space Tourism Riddles

How is a vacation to the moon like a vacation to the beach?

Click here to find out.  Image by Victor Habbick is available on the Science Photo Library.

What do you call someone who has never been into space?

A Gallactic Virgin.

What is the politically correct term for space tourists?

Future Astronauts (that's what Virgin Galactic calls its customers).

What do space tourists wear on their mega expensive flights?
Astro-haughty suits.

What do you call a rich person who paid for a trip to space?


What passport do you need to travel in space?

A Galactic Republic Passport.

The Make Me a Passport Company makes personalized souvenir passports. Click here to learn more. Image used with permission

Space tourism, conceptual artwork
Space tourism, conceptual artwork
Deck chair on the surface of the moon promoting futuristic tourism in space. [Read More]
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Weakly Humerus News

Stan Kegel administers a Yahoo Puns-of-the-Day Group.  The postings usually include a Space and NASA section. 

More than 200 people have paid $200,000 for a 2 1/2 hour sub-orbital space flight on Virgin Galactic. Included with the First Class ducats: Use of the VIP lounge, a free headsets and NASA-designed Huggies with the Virgin logo.

(Bob Mills, May 2007).

Virgin Galactic is booking space trips for $200,000 a person. The price sounds steep but is really a bargain because luggage fees and blanket and bottled water costs are included and there is no TSA security patdown involved.

(Jim Barach, January 2011)

Sir Richard Branson opened the world's first commercial spaceport Tuesday in New Mexico as home to Virgin Galactic. They're going to have a problem with the name. People could be understandably reluctant to board a spacecraft that doesn't go all the way.

(Argus Hamilton, October 2011).

Virgin Galactic is taking deposits for their planned 2011 passenger suborbital space flights. The price of the tickets is expected to be $200,000. With presumably about $100,000 extra in fuel surcharges and taxes, not to mention nominal charges for inflight snacks and beverages.

(Janice Hough, December 2009)

Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Airlines, has started Virgin Galactic, which will take ordinary people into space. By ordinary people, I mean people that can afford $200,000 a ticket.

(Craig Ferguson, February 2011)

Virgin Galactic Airlines' Sir Richard Branson is vowing to give his first civilian passengers an experience as close to a real astronaut's as possible -- hours of floating around weightless sipping Tang while wearing a custom-fitted space suit with a built-in catheter.

(Bob Mills, November 2011).


Space Tourism Silliness

Space Tourism as reported in the Freaking News

Space Tourist withstands G-Force. Satire as reported in The Humor Gazette

Visit my Space Tourism photo gallery on Flickr.

First wedding in Microgravity. Reported on 62 mile club website.

Space:  Its Closer Than You Think ™ is motto of the 62 mile club.

Click here for a fun image of a space tourist looks like.
Digital clip art by Ron Leishman.

Video satire of Guy Laliberte's trip to space on YouTube.

Six reasons space travel will always suck

Article from cracked website - a great website.

Articles from The Onion

  • Space Tourist Spends Entire Vacation Inside Space Shuttle (2007)
  • This Space Camp look a lot like fat camp (2009)


Space tourism, artwork
Space tourism, artwork
Suitcases in a space shuttle promoting futuristic tourism in space. [Read More]
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Space Tourists - The Film

Space Tourists - a 2010 documentary looks like a fun and interesting movie. Watching it will be the closest I get to be a space tourist.  Click here to learn more.

Space Tourism Fun Gifts

Space Beer

Two companies (4 Pines Brewing Company and Saber Astronautics) have created the first beer to be drunk in space.

Here is a YouTube video made while the beer was being created.

The Beer is called Vostok Stout. Click here to learn more.

Things You Need to Go into Space

I'm in the 99%, so I won't be going into space any time soon.

If you go, remembers your suitcase and prepare with 'The Space Tourist's Handbook'.

Freaking News

Freaking News has photoshop contests around different themes. 

Set of 33 photos on Freaking News from 2006.

Set of 16 photos from 2011. 

Set of 12 photos from 2004.

Set of 21 photos from 2005.

Dream of Space Tourism becomes a reality. Photo from October, 2010.


  • Russian family prepares for a trip to the moon. Cartoon by V. Kremler on RT website. 
  • Tourists cartoon by Toons aka Mark Lynch on his ToonPool page.
  • Cartoon about wealth and poverty by cartoonist with the pen name POLYP (
Colorful Twisted Frame with Stars
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