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  • Please visit my UFO gallery on Flickr
  • Top Ten explanation for UFOs from
  • A band I like The California Honeydrops has a UFO on the cover of their 2008 CD 'Soul Tub.'
  • Leon the dog looking for a good bone:  Video one and Video two.
  • The Treehotel in Sweden has a UFO room. Click here for information and photos.
  •  Click here for UFO images you can download

<Cattle warning sign with UFO graffiti, New Mexico
© Photographer: Ejwhite | Agency:
road sign
© Photographer: Americanspirit | Agency:
Comical Cow Abduction 3
© Photographer: Michael Knight | Agency:
© Photographer: Kheng Ho Toh | Agency:
The Alien Mug and Saucer The Alien Mug and Saucer

How Does an Alien Open the Door of a UFO?

How does an alien open the door or a UFO?
Answer below

Alien Hand Pushing 9

© Chrisharvey |

Watch Out

Caution UFO

Open Clip Art (cybergedeon)

Photo by Flickr ID:  Tony the Misfit - Creative Commons License
Greys - UFO
© Danilo Sanino |

Glen Jones

Glenz Tees aka Glen Jones is graphic designer and illustrator based in New Zealand. He sells prints and t-shirts, etc. Here are some of his Alien and UFO works.

Alien Graffiti

Abductee   This word was first used in 1975.

Life Raft

Time Travel Convention (Dr. Who reference)



Calling Home


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